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Welcome to Little Champions Preschool

Welcome to Little Champions Preschool
Welcome to Little Champions Preschool

Welcome to Little Champions Preschool where our classrooms are filled with hands-on learning, exploration and an exciting curriculum. We provide students with the academic foundation that supports them to become lifelong learners.

This child-centered approach encourages students to become self-directed learners who are curious and motivated to explore new concepts. Preschool prepares students to succeed in Kindergarten with a positive attitude toward school and learning. Little Champions spend time in various learning centers during their day. These learning centers include a science area, block building, dramatic play, art projects, water table and home/kitchen. By enrolling your child in Little Champions Preschool, they will be enveloped in a play-based learning environment and a nurturing atmosphere. 

Our Preschool Teacher encourages students to communicate and develop effective social skills in all aspects of the program. Students learn to respect each other and work cooperatively. In the Art Center students are provided with various materials to develop their creativity while using their artistic skills. The Block Area enables students to develop math concepts and use their imagination. Science Projects spark students’ curiosity about the natural world. Students use their sensory skills while learning the scientific process of observing, predicting, experimenting, recording and reporting. We have a variety of children's books in our Classroom Library to introduce literacy, listening skills, increase vocabulary and comprehension. In the Dramatic Play Center students engage in imaginative play, exploring different roles using props from everyday life. Our Preschool provides a rich learning environment where effective learning takes place. We have wonderful activities planned for this upcoming school year.

Little Champions Preschool is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS). We are open Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-3:30 pm and Friday 8:00 am-noon. Students are provided with breakfast, lunch and snack paired with a fruit and/or vegetable. As a certified child-care provider by the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) this provides more families the opportunity to enroll their children into Little Champions Preschool.  We look forward to an amazing school year filled with smiles, learning, laughter and fun with our Little Champions Preschoolers & their families!